Carstensz Pyramid Climbing 

Carstensz Climbing Cost vs Value and Success Rate

It is so many complexity and questions regarding Carstensz Pyramid climb COST vs QUALITY and SUCCESS RATE. Check carefully everything before you decide to join with local company that claims can operate Carstensz Pyramid Expedition. During the trekking, you will be in the tough jungle about 12 days, you must be assured get proper and enough food along the trek

Many bad story about Carstenz Pyramid / Puncak Jaya climb:  climbers leaved in the jungle, clients forced to pay a lot of money during trekking, climbers not departing and only sitting in Timika / Nabire / Jayapura, expedition cancel but not get any refund, expedition stop by rebel, climbers starving and only served noodle and sweet potato for 02 weeks… It is true! So be really careful when you decide to climb Carstensz Pyramid. 

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The Carstensz Pyramid  or Puncak Jaya  itself is a mineral deposit that performs hard & solid rock with very sharp surface (Lime Rocks). It is the only of Seven Summits that need more rock climbing skills to climb, up to 5.8 difficulty level. That is average level, the temperature give more pressure for a climber.  This condition makes any attempt for summit need very good climbing guide, best supporting team and great experience to get maximum result. The top is 4,884 M ASL, could be climb on every time in a year. 

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