Climb Carstensz Pyramid  - Private or Joining Expedition

ADVENTURE INDONESIA, local operator with international standard, operate all over Indonesia with complete license & permit – 100% Legal. Climb Carstensz Pyramid with the best operator, 185th Expeditions since 1998, highest success rate, longest experience as FIRST CARSTENSZ OPERATOR. Our Expedition is an Economist Cost in Premium Services, full guiding trip with very complete services.

Congratulation to 10th February 2018 summiteers:


Huang Chun Yan / MRS (China)

Piotr Jacek Godula / MR (Poland)

Roman Gadiatulin / MR (Russia)

Sara Safari / MS (US)

Robert James Gropel / MR (Australia)

Wang Wei / MR (China)

Guiding By:

Mr. Yoshua Noya (Yosh) / Expedition Leader: 48 Expeditions, 24 Leads, 42 Summits

Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) / Climbing Leader: 79 Summits – 100% Record

Mr. Meidy Pesak (Meds) / Climbing Guide: 27 Expeditions, 27 Summits

Congratulation to  05th February 2018 Carstensz summiteers:

Alexander Edmund Hillary / MR (New Zealand) 

George Maurice Moorhead Hillary / MR (Australia) 

Peter Edmund Hillary / MR (New Zealand)

Richard Blake Winston / MR (US) 

Robert Mads Anderson / MR (US)

Christopher Joseph Pfautsch Heintz / MR (US)

Brook Danaher Bennett / MR (US) 

Guiding By:

Mr. Yoshua Noya (Yosh) / Expedition Leader: 47 Expeditions, 23 Leads, 41 Summits

Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) / Climbing Leader: 78 Summits – 100% Record

Mr. Meidy Pesak (Meds) / Climbing Guide: 26 Expeditions, 26 Summits

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Climb Puncak Jaya  itself is a mineral deposit that performs hard & solid rock with very sharp surface (Lime Rocks). It is the only of Seven Summits that need more rock climbing skills to climb, up to 5.8 difficulty level. That is average level, the temperature give more pressure for a climber.  This condition makes any attempt for summit need very good climbing guide, best supporting team and great experience to get maximum result. The top is 4,884 M ASL, could be climb on every time in a year.