Rodney William Cole / MR (US)
Richard Paul Morse / MR (US)
Brent Russell Bishop / MR (US)
 Jennifer Brook Loeb / MS (US)
Donall Brian Healy / MR (US)
Urszula Elzbieta Tokarska / MS (Canada)

Saeed Almemari / MR (Emirates)
Daniel Bull / MR (Australia), Mirza Ali / MR (Pakistan)
Samina Baig / MS (Pakistan)
Tashi Malik / MS (India)
Nungshi Malik / MS (India) 
Hamad Almazrouie / MR (Emirates)
Francois Houde / MR (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete
Catherine Dupasquier / MS (Canada) – Sixth from Seven
Theodore Fairhurst / MR(Canada) – Seven Summits Complete


Theodore Fairhurst :
Hi Ferdinand, I would like to thank you, your staff and guides at ADVENTURE INDONESIA concerning my recent Carstensz Expedition climb (summit 19 March 2014) for excellent organizational skills. I was delighted with how friendly and helpful all of you were. This was my last climb of the 7 Summits and so I have a fair bit of experience climbing and I found your company to be the most conscientious and generous following up with gifts, banners and dinner celebrations. Cheers to all of you. Ted Fairhurst (