ADVENTURE INDONESIA Guide is NOT ONLY for guiding (climbing) but also take care off our clients, manage the 'difficullt' local porters, deal with local people which claim 'the owner of the mountain', safe and secure clients.

Poxy ( Jeni Dainga )

We are so thrilled and deeply humbled to have celebrated the 75th Carstensz Pyramid summit of one of our very own climbing guides, Poxy. Our Poxy holds the world record as the person with the most summits of Carstensz Pyramid - now 77 summits. - 100% Record

Here's a picture of Poxy stood at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid together with our 182th Carstensz Pyramid climbers. Three days later Poxy returned to summit leading our 183th expedition.

Joshua Noya (Josh) :  
46 Expeditions, 22 Times Leading, 40 Summits

Meldy Senduk (Meldy):  
​​​​​​​24 Expeditions, 17 Times Leading, 21 Summits

Meydi Pesak (Meds) / Co Guide:
25 Expeditions, 25 Summits