• Adventure Indonesia provided me with a wonderful climbing experience on Carstensz Pyramid. My guide were an excellent team, providing us with great meals, support, and advice all along the way. They (Meldy & Poxy) both are great technical climbers who were concerned for the safety of the group the whole way. Our 4 members all made the summit with plenty of time to spare.

    Logistic was handled well by the Bali and Jakarta offices and we never had any problems. In all, I had the best experience of my life during this climb, 4 clients + 2 guides at the start became 6 good friends by the end of it all.

  • Dear Mr. Tabaluyan,

    This email is from your client Vlado Haluska. Would you happen to have email addresses of Zoltan Acs and xyz? I would like to contact them. I would also like to thank you for providing memorable experience in the Papuan jungle. It was my fault that I could not enjoy it fully by returning on my own. I had no previous experience trekking in mud, rain, swamps and in constant rain. Overall, the trek was not so challenging and in the dry season, I would have probably manage much better. I take it as a good learning experience for the future.
    Do you provide services for traveling to other places in Indonesia? After completing 7 summits, I would like to visit more Indonesian islands.

    Thank you

  • Dear Jeffry Sembiring,

    Its been a year now after our successfull expedition to Mt Carstenz Pyramid so professionally organised by your company, that I am remembering you now . This is just to inform that Indian Air Force just finished Mt Aconcagua on 25 Feb 2010 and is preparing for Mt Denali.

    I must thank and compliment your company and team of able staff/guides to have supported us to the success on our expedition. Special mention for Ferdinand, for his deep involvement and timely help . Keep up the great work and good luck !

    Wg Cdr  R C Tripathi VM (Leader)

  • Dear Ferdinand and the whole team at Adventure Indonesia,

    I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to you for making this expedition the most unique and intriguing of the seven summits. What a privilege is has been to trek through the Papua jungle, interact with the local tribes and pass through an area that is virtually untouched by the modern world. I truly appreciate all the effort and preparation that has gone into making this climb happen, given the political and geografical uncertanties of this part of the world. There are always things we can do to make the climb more memorable and efficient and I have no doubt  that ADVENTURE INDONESIA will strive to making this the perfect expedition.

    Finally, I would like offer a special thanks to Meldy and Poxi, our two guides and cooks, for going out of their way to making this the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible. TRIMA CASSI my friends.

    See you again one day.
    Francois Langlois