2012 February Summiteers


Sun Bin
Tan Yiliang
Wei Pu
Ma Jianxiong
Luo Zhenghao
Lang Yong
​ Mo Shaoshan


Per Mikael Sunnemark (Sweden) 
Rossier Alexandre Filho (Brazil)
Laval ST Germain (Canada)


Dear Ferdinand Tabaluyan:
With Adventure Indonisia’s help, especially thanks to our guides Meldy Senduk/Jeni Dainga, we seven Chinese climbers summited Carstensz at last. It was a very exciting expedition, the mountain was excellent, the guides were very professional, the “world hardest trekking route” was really impressive.
Although we met some emergency, but if everything was certain, maybe the expedition would not be that interesting. Anyway, thank you very much for all your hard job and hope to climb with your guys in the future.

Sun Bin
Chinese team leader

Hello Ferdinand
First of all thank you very much for the great Carstensz Adventure you provided to us. Also thank you very much for the personal treatment when we got back to Jakarta, it was very valuable for me. I agree 100% in Lavals very well expressed testimonial. Thank you very much and my best regards to you Ferdinand, to Poxi and to Metz. I look forward to meet with you again in the future for some other adventure.

I climbed Carstensz Pyramid with Adventure Indonesia in Feb 2012. I have to admit I had some difficulty choosing an outfitter from all of the options available on the web, but am extremely happy I decided on Adventure Indonesia. Right from the moment I arrived in Jakarta I was impressed with this group, very organized, very friendly and especially once in Papua, obviously very experienced and familiar with the challenges that present themselves almost daily.

Our guide Jeni "Poxi" Dainga and his assistant Meydi "Metz" Pezak were very friendly, very calm no matter what the issue and incredible  cooks using only single burner camp stoves often in torrential rains, mud and cold winds. We did the 6 day trek from Sugapa to the peak and it was simply spectacular. Starting at 32C in the hot jungles around Sugapa and ending in the cool high alpine of the Sudirman Range.

Our expedition worked like clockwork and we enjoyed a perfect trip with friendly Moni porters who worked hard and shared their culture and language with us whenever possible..

Once back in Jakarta, Ferdinand Tabaluyan was extremely helpful and went above and beyond in his hospitality and professionalism.

The actual summit day on Carstensz is just a fun day on good rock with fixed ropes in a stunning location. This mountain is ALL about the trek through the jungles, bogs, rivers and high altitude savannah. 

If you want a truly unique adventure in a remote beautiful and challenging setting - this is the trip.
Laval St.Germain
Calgary, Canada.

Dear friends,
I have no words to say my thank you….
Poxi Meds and are excellent guides and cooks, super attentive, note 10. Thank you for the care and attention of every one of them throughout the expedition. Tomorrow I'll be leaving missing in Indonesia, please take my personal thanks to everyone who somehow participated in the expedition: Eldy, Poxy, Meds, Ferdinand and each of the porters.
With an embrace of the size of Carstensz (4.884m).
Rosier Alexandre