Aurelius Waldispuhl / MR (Swiss)

Andrea Imelda Waldispuhl-Korner / MRS (Swiss)
Barbara Gorska / MS (US)

John Joseph Raftis / MR (Canada)

Richard Thomas Pattison / MR (Australia)

Liam Nichols Suckling / MR (Australia)

Shehbaz Ali Butt / MR (Canada) 

Wojciech Krzysztof Falkowski / MR (Poland)

Robert Jurczak / MR (Poland)
Jaroslaw Nikolajuk / MR (Poland)

Maciej Berbeka / MR (Poland)

Krzysztof Pierozak / MR (Poland)

Ryszard Chmura / MR (US)

Olga Jadwiga Nabialek / MS (Poland)
Rasmia, Suzan S. H. Alhouby / MS (Palestine)

Mustapha Ahmed M AL- Mustapha / MR (UK)


We want to say thank you once again for your organisation, the guiding and cooking on the trip! We felt ourselves very comfortable. And your jokes, telling stories these made the walking a little bit easier. We often think about our honeymoon, it is unforgettable. As a thank you a little gift is on the way to your office in Jakarta (see the photo attached). Maybe it is useful for your next trip.

​Dear Ferdinand,

I'd like to send my gratitude for organizing Carstensz Pyramid expedition. As promised here is my positive feedback. I participated in the Carstensz Expedition organized by Adventure Indonesia in November 2012. It was an enjoyable trip and I'd like to send my gratitude to all the guides, your office staff in Bali (Andreas) and to Mr. Ferdinand Tabaluyan, who was my first contact and helped me to sign up for this trip. All the experience was very positive, even the weather was very challenging with the heavy rain every day. Please advise to all your future clients (hiker/climbers) to get the best and most comfortable tall rain boots, they'd find before signing up for this trip as well as the best technical rain gear to stay dry. I'd like to share my very positive comments about Poxy, who was more than helpful during the Tyrollean Traverse - it wasn't difficult crossing it with his help. All our team got to the summit without any problems. Please send the best thanks to all guides and staff. I will include the photos from the trip - please forward it to the guides and people I met in Sugapa village. Thank you.

Dr. Basia Gorska

This trip far exceeded any adventure I have been on, Indiana Jones is a joke compared to what we went through in Papua! I believe we did make the right choice as it was evident your expertise and skills that came in place once we were in Papua. Our guides were superb especially Meldy and Poxi and really hard working. Although I joined Adventure Indonesia after a last minute decision, they have seamlessly sent all complete information and worked effortlessly to make it happen for me. Everything was so organized and the local staff knowledge was the best way to live a real authentic experience. I cant even imagine how others can manage with the local culture in Papua if they dont have their own local staff. Well done Adventure Indonesia and I will be recommending you for sure for any one who wants to experience the best real wild adventure out there! Thank you Poxi and Meldy for a great time in this wild! If you want to climb Carstensz, dont think about any one else out there but Adventure Indonesia!

Suzanne Al Houby First Arab woman to summit Carstensz.
Shatha Tower, office 2711
Dubai, United Arab Emirates