Summit Carstensz July 2015

Gulnur Tumbat / MS (Turkey)
First Turkey Climber that summit in Carstensz Pyramid
Beak Lae Cho / MR (South Korea)
Guillaume Richard Fuchs / MR (France)
Jana Smutny / MS (Swiss)
Malcolm John Alexander / MR (US)  
Stephen Leonard Camkin / MR (Australia) - (Seven Summits Complete)


Gulnur Tumbat (Turkey)
Fantastic organization that exceeded my expectations – guides, porters, office staff: It was an honor to meet them all. Gained a lot from the whole experience, especially from the people, wonderful people of Papua & Indonesia. Anyone who goes/ comes here with a western guide/ company: You are fools!   - Gulnur Tumbat – First Turkey Summiting Carstensz Pyramid.

P.S: Rubbish is a problem & will become a bigger problem soon if not dealt with.

Jana Smutny (Swiss) & Container Guillaume Richard Fuchs (France)
During the whole trip and ascent I felt safe. The guides were careful and the decisions taken were well thought. The porters did a great job. Not all our bags were lightweight, so it was a hard work, but they delivered the bags safety. Thanks for all the information provided in advance this was helpful.
I agree on the suggestion, that the guides should also try that all rubbish is either burned or taken back. Thanks again and best wishes to the whole team!

Malcolm Alexander (US)
I can suggest a few things : 

  • The porters should pick up and manage the rubbish better you should make an effort to make the trip more “Eco” and have a “No trace left behind” principal
  • Some ropes need repair or removal

Other than that really a fabulous trip I can thoroughly recommend to friends.

Stephen Leonard Camkin (Australia) - Seven Summits Complete
The carstenz trip was very well organized and exceeded my expectation

  •  From the initial contact and communications with Adventure Indonesia, I was well prepared.
  • The staff met me and arranged all details on my travels.
  • The guides were very efficient and briefed us each day and made sure we worked as a team.
  • The guides worked with our porters and made sure the expedition kept on time and on focus to make the summit.
  • The pace of progress was well managed and helped the group achieve their goals.
  • The food and equipment was well thought out and supported the goals well.