Summit Detail on Sunday 19th March 2017:
Alexandra Nemeth / MS  (Hungary) 
** Sixth from Seven Summits
Janusz Mieczyslaw Kochanski / MR  (Poland) 
** Seven Summits Completed, on the 02nd times Seven Summits Campaign for speed record
Kamil Jerzy Suchanski / MR (Poland) 
Guiding by: 
Jeni Dainga (Poxi) / Expedition Leader: 68 Summits – 100% Record
Zhang Tingxi / MR (China) Summit on 19th March 2017 at 14:15 (GMT +9)
Zhang Liang / MR (China) Summit on 19th March 2017 at 14:17 (GMT +9)
** 12 from 14 Eight Thousanders & Sixth from Seven Summits
Zhu He (James Zhu) / MR (China) Summit on 19th March 2017 at 15:00 (GMT +9)
Guiding by: 
Meydi Pesak (Meds) / Co Guide: 20 Expeditions, 20 Summits
Supporting Guide: Mr. Joshua Noya (Josh) 41 Expeditions, 19 Times Leading, 35 Summits

Climbers Testimony:

I was on expeditions with ADVENTURE INDONESIA twice, first time I went by the jungle and successful I reached on the summit and this time by helicopter and also I have reached on the summit. So I can tell that this company has very good service and experience for this expeditions, in my opinion is the best company. They have very good staff and guides. If you want to reach on the summit Carstensz Pyramid choose this company. I recommend this company.

Seven Summits Completed, on Second Time Seven Summits Campaign for Speed Record

I am very grateful for Ferdinand, Carol, Meds, Poxy & Joshua and all the other members who helped us during the trip for a successful summit.

The Carstensz Pyramid helicopter expedition is notoriously known for logistical issues however I didn't experience any of that which took a huge stress of my shoulders. Everything seemed to go smoothly and seemed like we had plan Bs in place. The summit push happened on the morning we arrived at Base Camp, our team felt strong and it was great to get to the top despite the weather closing in. Very thankful to our guides for believing us that we could reach the summit and also for the assistance getting us off the mountain safely. I'm also grateful for guide Proxy for letting me go ahead, I enjoyed a fantastic climb mostly on my own. Also for helping me through those gaps when I needed the encouragement.

The only thing I would change in the entire itinerary is to have the after summit Bali tour as optional; I felt worn out after the climb and spending the entire day on the road in the minibus checking out 'tourist attractions' wasn't very nice. Instead perhaps it could be either a half day tour (vulcanos + rice field enough) or arrange the team to spend half a day on a nice quiet beach to relax. This is my personal opinion. 

From arrival to good-bye I felt I was looked after and treated by friends. The warm welcome and hospitality of the Adventure Indonesia crew is exceptional and would highly recommend to trek, climb, explore with them. 

Love from a sunny and surprisingly warm London,



Expedition Chronology and Crucial Things:
March 15:  02 clients arrived at Bali – Rest in Hotel – Rechecking and packing
March 16:  All clients arrived at Bali – Rest in Hotel – Rechecking and packing – Depart to Airport for Flight to Timika
March 17: Flight from Bali to Timika – Arrive Timika – Rest in Hotel – Equipment checking, Repacking, Scaling  – Technical Meeting
March 18: 01st Helicopter Flight (Guiding Team, Equipment, Logistic) – Arrived Yellow Valley.
02nd Helicopter Flight RTB due sudden weather change.
March 19: 02nd Helicopter Flight to Yellow Valley. 03rd Helicopter Flight to Yellow Valley.
Direct summit bid in 02 Groups. 06 clients summit Carstensz Pyramid guided by 02 Adventure Indonesia Guides.
March 20: Resting in Yellow Valley – Waiting for good weather for Helicopter Pickup Flight
March 21: 06 Clients & 01 Guide Flight to Timika by 02 Helicopter Flights – Arrive Timika – Flight Timika to Bali if connect. Arrive Bali.
Celebration Dinner (beach dinner with grilled seafood, beers, wine)
March 22: Enjoying Bali – Enjoy Our Selected Bali Tour Program