Carstensz Pyramid Trekking

We are rescheduling TREKKING Expedition departure due current situation in Sugapa (starting point of Trekking Expedition). There was very serious conflicts and riots in Sugapa between clans and tribes due regional election. Current situation on Carstensz is only reliable (safe, secure, smooth & success) with HELICOPTER Expedition. Some accidents that happened on TREKKING Expedition, triggered by unstable situation & bad management.


The most challenging task on Carstensz Pyramid expedition is getting to Carstensz Base Camp .


From Jakarta or Bali, you take a regular flight to Timika, then by charter flight to Sugapa. It is around 5-6 days hard and tough trekking through the stone-age culture, 6-7 hours walk in one day, cloud-rain forest, hilly terrain, muddy trail, highland swamp, crossing streams with rain shower around 4-7 hours a day. Normally 4 days return from Base Camp to Sugapa village. It's an Indiana Jones type of adventure...

Trekking Route from Sugapa ( 2008 - 2017 )

ADVENTURE INDONESIA established Carstensz Trekking Route from Sugapa Village on May 2008.  Spent 06 months of survey and 04 times routing to fixed the route that use until now. Sugapa used to be a very safe village secured from  rebel activity. We have done more than 40 Expeditions from using Sugapa Route started from 2008 until 2017,  – all 100% Success. The only problem is dealing and negotiating with local people – Thanks God that we have “traditional rights” in Sugapa and own the route. We works intensively and extensively with local people, tribal chief, church leader,  governments and securities authority to ensure best success rate expedition for every climber. You must be assured to get a proper and enough FOOD along the 12 days trekking in the tough jungle. Most operator only focus on climbing and ignore about food !!


On August 2008, Erik Weihenmayer, Chales Mace and Hans Florin, guiding by Poxy and Meldy, summit carstensz by trekking from Sugapa Village.

Actually, by  trekking expedition, you are not only get the pride to be at the one of the 7 summits of the world, but we could do enjoy local culture as well as the rich diversity of flora and fauna life along the route. (It takes about  7 – 10 days one way to the summit base camp, and another 7 days back).  Considering our clients and team safety, we never did the trekking since 2017’s. Now, the only reliable access we find is by helicopter to base camp


Along the carstensz pyramid trekking, you will meet with the primitive indigenous Papua tribesmen wearing traditional penis gourds and wielding bows and arrows. Some local people will be involved in the Puncak Jaya expedition as porters. You need to get a local organizer which has legal permit and years of experience in this field, because it is not easy to manage the porters. Problem could be come from others local people which is not involved in the expedition, but could make trouble and conflict during the trekking.