Carstensz Expedition is highest order of ADVENTURE INDONESIA services with long time trade mark. It is the master piece of arrangement, one among our many trip that we operate in Papua. Please check our value on Ultimate Trekking & Sugapa Route.


We operate all option for Carstensz Expedition:

HELICOPTER EXPEDITION take off / return to / from  Base Camp from  Timika.

TREKKING EXPEDITION, start  from Sugapa Village ( IF the situation allows /  security is our priority )


Both of  these access (Trekking & Helicopter) could be combine.

Normally we scheduled one trekking expedition per month to give maximum support and best satisfaction, clients will have best safety, secure, support, services and surely highest success chance. Join us and enjoy the truly Lifetime Experience. For PRIVATE EXPEDITION we are ready every time you want, contact us for the availability. Please CONTACT US