puncak jaya climb

Puncak Jaya Climb

 Do you plan to complete your Seven Summit   ?


If so, you could join one of Adventure Indonesia Puncak Jaya Expedition MONTHLY departure. Email us Next Scheduled. We organize International Expedition joining group, it is also possible to arrange your Private Expedition. 


Located in Mimika Region, West Papua, Pucak Jaya Mountain is part of Lorentz National Park and Sudirman Range. The height of this moutanin is 4884 m . It is known as the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania and as one of the seven summits goal. In the past, to approach the Puncak Jaya Base Camp, it was allowed to pass the mine with special permission. The Base Camp is only side by side with Grassberg Open pit Freeport  and from the mine it only takes few hours walking to the Puncak Jaya mountain. Presently, the access through mine is closed. So you need trekking through the jungle of Papua from Sugapa village (located at 2.300 m asl), which takes 5 days to reach the base camp or by helicopter direct to Lembah Kuning. 

Climb Puncak Jaya - Techincal Challenge

When it is compared with Kosciuszko , which is has no challenge for climbers (it is actually a mere short trek with zero difficulty), it is more technical. Mountaineers rank this mountain as the true seventh summit because of its remoteness and challenging technical climbing. You will experience a variety of interesting and challenging routes at varying grades when you climb this large limestone mountain. The standard route up the West Ridge is a relatively straightforward but technical scramble, with the occasional steeper rock pitch at Severe (5.3-5.4) grading.


For an experienced climber, the technical challenge of climbing Puncak Jaya is not a problem. But, even an expert, you should not underestimate the trekking path during your expedition to base camp. An expedition to the most exotic mountaineering location on earth is not just a climbing venture, but a journey back in time through tribal ancestries and an incredible rich and rewarding experience. *unfortunately corcening the security reason, we are not running trekking expedition right know - the only option to get to Yellow Valley is by helicopter from Timika*