Summit Detail on Friday 23rd June 2017:

Lukasz Lagozny (Poland) Summit on 23rd June 2017 at 11:11 (GMT +9)

Darya Ufimtseva (Ukraine) Summit on 23rd June 2017 at 11:16 (GMT +9)

Moatez Bo Khamseen (Saudi Arabia) Summit on 23rd June 2017 at 13:55 (GMT +9)

Rishi Firoz Vasanth (Singapore) Summit on 23rd June 2017 at 14:33 (GMT +9)

Guiding by:

Jeni Dainga (Poxi) / Expedition Leader: 71 Summits – 100% Record

Joshua Noya (Josh) / Co Guide:  44 Expeditions 19 Times Leading, 38 Summits


DARYA ( Ukraine )

Thank you very much to Adventure Indonesia, all people, guide, Carol, Josh, Poxi.

Everything was great. I would definitely recommend your firm to my friends and hope to visit Indonesia in the nearest future with wildlife tour and photo tour.

Lukasz Lagozny  (Poland )

For me all expeditions fro, Bali (to Mpint Jaya) to Bali is great!

Guide Poxi and Josh are awesome. I can’t forget about carol and our drivers – they are very good.

That expedition was the best. Food is great!

(I know my English is not very well)

Rishi Firoz Vasanth ( Singapore )

Thank you Adventuer Indonesia

This was an experience of a lifetime. The travel schedule was perfect from Bali – Timika – Carstensz – Timika – Bali perfect.

The guides were patient and extremely skillful to be able to guide me up and down, I have now made friends in them and mu fellow climbers. Thanks Poxi and josh.  Fedinand and Carol done a perfect job organizing everything felt like VIP from the start to end with great food everywhere.

Thank you Adventure Indonesia

Expedition Chronology and Crucial Things:

June 19: 03 clients arrived at Bali – Resting in Hotel

June 20: 01 client arrived at Bali Resting in Hotel – Rechecking and packing – All 04 Clients Depart to Airport for Flight to Timika

June 21: Flight from Bali to Timika – Arrive Timika – Rest in Hotel – Equipment checking, Repacking, Scaling  – Technical Meeting

June 22: Flight to Yellow Valley in 02 HELICOPTER Delivery Flights – Arrive Yellow Valley. Resting & Final Preparation for Summit Climb.
Collect Garbage and Cleanup in Yellow Valley.

June 23: Summit Climb, All 04 Clients Summit Carstensz Pyramid guided by 02 Adventure Indonesia Guides. Arrived Back at Yellow Valley.  

June 24: Flight to Timika by 02 HELCOPTER Pickup Flights – Arrive Timika – Resting in Timika

June 25: Resting in Timika, Wait for Flight to Bali.
*** 25 & 26 June are Idul Fitri Celebration, biggest holidays in Indonesia and peak season for travelling.

June 26: 03 Clients Flight to Bali. Arrive Bali – Hotel – Celebration Dinner (beach dinner with grilled seafood, beers, wine)

*** June 26: Mr. Moatez Bo Khamseen flight to Jayapura than Wamena to enjoy Baliem Valley Trekkinghttp://www.adventureindonesia.com/irian-baliem-2-itinerary.htm

June 27: Hotel in Bali – SELECTED BALI DAY TOUR PROGRAM – Hotel

June 28: Enjoying Bali / Transfer Out to Airport for flight back home.