Anneli Sylvia Pompe, Sweden

This trip/expedition has been one of the best of my life. It was a great adventure from beginning to end, with great people. It’s usually the most important factor; the people! The guides have been amazing all the way, and I admire their patience with clients, the local people, and nature. I realize the Carstensz Expedition requires a lot of patience and flexibility because of unexpected events. Considering the conditions I think everything worked very well. I like that we were expected to take care of ourselves and not be “baby sited”, like in American leadership expeditions. I also think it’s fantastic that we got new and single tents, and that there was great variation and different types of food, even though the vegetarian tofu was finished after two days. My only advice for future expeditions would be importance of proper gear. And that you take responsibility as a client to support yourself. Maybe an improved equipment list. But in total, I loved this expedition and the guides so much I’d do it again. And I would recommend others to travel with Adventure Indonesia.