James Edward Holliday, USA

This was an incredible experience – The most and unique and exotic of my seven summit adventures. The entire experience was more difficult than I expected even though I trained very-very hard for the climb. The trek in was a quite interesting in that we passed through multiple zones including jungle, then forest and finally mostly barren rock environment at base camp.

The guide (Poxi, Josh, Meds, Abi, and Lucky) were outstanding and took very good care of us. The meals that were prepared for us were nutritious, plentiful, and very tasty. They provided things for our meals that I haven’t even had at home (for example squid, escargot). The group gear provided was very good and provided excellent camping accommodations.

Being among the native tribe people was truly unique experience that I will never ever forget-especially watching the negotiations with local tribe leaders as we passed through their lands – It was a unique experience and a privilege to experience.

Summit day was incredibly satisfying – and the guides provides expert help in assuring that we all made it safely to the summit, but more importantly down safely.

The help provided by Mr. Ferdinand and Miss Carol was very much appreciated and instrumental to our success as they helped deal with problems getting to Bali prior to the start of the expedition.

All in all I would give my highest recommendation to Adventure Indonesia and their Carstensz Pyramid trek-in / trek-out expedition. This is the ONLY way to experience Carstensz Pyramid and Adventure Indonesia is the way to go!

James Edward Holliday (USA), Real Seven Summits complete