Marin Minamiya, JAPAN

Hi Ferdinand! 

I have finally settled into my normal life in Tokyo. Did my laundry, cleaned the house, saw my parents, and here I am writing to you. I miss bali very very much, and I miss you enthusiastic uplifting voice! I can't wait to go back to indonesia again, because of the great experience your company has provided me! 

I am so thankful to you and your team for making this trip an unforgettable one. Everything went even better than according to plan, the team was very flexible and customised perfectly for my needs. I think this is by far the BEST climbing company I have dealt with so far. Fast, precise, flexible, understanding, friendly.. nothing more I can ask for. I had such a great experience, I can not recommend any other company than Adventure Indonesia to my friends/climbers that are looking to travel/climb in Indonesia. So extremely happy to have contacted this company, I truly believe this operating service deserves 10/10 and even more. Especially Ferdinand's email quality is by top #1. (The only unfortunate happening was, that Yoshua got sick and couldn't make it to the summit with us. Although I am sure he is a great guide with great personality, it is a shame that I didn't get to see these qualities in action) I will never forget the time I spent on the mountain, and the great care I received even BEFORE and AFTER the climb. What a great company. I am a very happy client, and I would like EVERYONE in the world to know this! Please, Ferdinand.. you can post my very positive comments on your website.. even along with some photos from the mountain! Should you need more pictures, please let me know. I am more than happy to send you some pictures that are a part of my wonderful memory of a life time!

Thank you so much, 
Hope you appreciated me as a client, as much as I appreciated Adventure Indonesia as my operator! 

Marin Minamiya