Cason Crane

When I decided to climb Carstensz Pyramid with Adventure Indonesia, I didn't really have any other options; they were the only company offering a trip in the dates I had available. It is only now that I fully appreciate how lucky I was that it worked out that way: Adventure Indonesia runs a fantastic, top of the line Carstensz Pyramid program that meets or exceeds the levels of "Western" companies that offer trips at double the cost.

To be more specific, the food, guides, and services provided Adventure Indonesia were top of the line. Every meal--breakfast, lunch, and dinner--was delicious. A mix of Indonesia specialities and Western comforts, the meals were unbelievable--literally, I couldn't figure out how our cooks managed to create such good meals with such limited ingredients on the expedition.

The guides, Poxy and Yosh, were friendly and knowledgable. Poxy's 30-something Carstensz Pyramid summits (he has a 100% success rate) meant that he knows the mountain like the back of his hand. Yosh complemented Poxy's experience with great English and a perpetually sunny attitude, even when things were looking down.

Finally, the service--from the Bali staff to Ferdinand himself--was impeccable. My queries were always promptly and comprehensively answered, and we could always expect a smiling face and flowers when we landed in Bali. In many ways, Carstensz Pyramid is a miserable experience...the weather in Papua is perpetually horrible and the hiking and climbing are both ridiculously hard. But Adventure Indonesia helped make these challenges bearable and, at times, enjoyable.

For that, and--more importantly--for our group's safe return, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Ferdinand, for making my CP expedition a fantastic one! I highly recommend that anyone interested in climbing Carstensz Pyramid should choose Adventure Indonesia as their tour provider; you can definitely expect the best from them.  
Cason Crane